Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top 5 Most Crush Worthy Hollywood Nerds

Don't get me wrong...I appreciate a studly muscle bound heart throb as much as the next red-blooded American female. The sight of abs so hard and defined that they look like the exoskeleton of some advanced alien life form is enough to make me a little weak in the knees...along with other places. 

That being said....I do have a confession to make.

I Loves Me Some NERDS!!!

I don't know what it is about those slight gangly bodies, and understated good looks that does it for me...but it does....a lot. 

So without further ado I now present my Top 5 Most Crush Worthy Hollywood Nerds:   (In no particular order)


Andrew Garfield:

Whether he is swinging from a web, or dressed in full clown attire, this nerd has sex appeal that would make any ladies "spidy sense" tingle. This dreamy Brit is still fairly new to the Hollywood A-List, but if hair height is any indicator of star potential, this naughty nerd has got nowhere to go but up!


Anton Yelchin:

Maybe it's the appeal of the mysterious foreigner that makes you day dream about him coming to you at night and whispering sweet nothings in your ear in his native tongue....but whatever it is, this Russian born nerd makes me grateful we tore down that wall. Whether slaying vampires or saving a starship, Aton is an expert at his craft. He need not set his phaser to stun, I would gladly let him beam me up, not to mention boldly go where no man has gone before.

3.  Ryan Gosling

No no no, not THAT Ryan Gosling....any woman with half a brain is going to fall faster than a souffle for THAT Ryan Gosling....

  There we go...recognize this guy?

 How about him??

What about this totally crush(able) Nerd??

Before Ryan was breaking hearts against his chiseled jaw and rock hard abs, he was king of the nerds! At least, he was in my book. Most people aren't even aware of his earlier roles on shows like Young Hercules and Breaker High, and of course, who could forget The Mickey Mouse Club. 

I have loved Ryan from the first time his lanky frame appeared on my TV all those many moons ago. When I was informed that he had been raised LDS, I immediately wrote him a letter of undying love and to inform him that I was almost certain that we had known one another in the pre-mortal life and were per-destined to be together forever. 

I'm still waiting to hear back. He is a busy guy, I'm sure it just got lost in the mail.


Jay Baruchel:

Talk, dark, and nearly 100lbs soaking wet, this nerd has proven that he need not resort to sorcery in order to cast a spell on the ladies.  There is just something about his totally unassuming nature...not to mention those utterly adorable puppy dog eyes...that makes this nerd capable of taming more than mere dragons. I dream of the day that he will take me in his spindly embrace as I rock him back and forth like a will be magical.



Shawn Ashmore:

Heaven save me from myself. 

Those's as if they see into your very soul and whisper...Come away with me......

OK, so I might have saved the best for last....or at least, my personal favorite. 

The first time I saw Shawn was as Ice Man in the X-Men series. But even his mutant powers were useless when it came to the fire he ignited in my.....heart. 

I have stated before that if given the opportunity, I would forfeit legitimate claim to my blog title for this man boy with a face like an angle. Maybe I jest....but more than likely I am as serious as the plague.....maybe.....But I am.....possibly.....But for reals......perhaps......

After a list like that I need to go take a cold shower. There is only so much nerdelicious stimuli a woman can take before she needs to read some scriptures or hum a hymn. 

Hope you enjoyed!!    


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